As some of you know my daughter has been in the hospital for more than a month and I am taking care of her 3 year old.  Today my daughter is coming home and we are all very happy.  But what do you do with a 3 year old that is exciting enough to entertain her at a time like this?  Why bake communion bread of course!


This is the first time this particular grandchild has helped with the baking.  Click here for a post about my other granddaughter and her communion bread baking.  It is always a joy to introduce children to baking and doing the baking for the church makes it more of a magic event.

About Linda Miller

I am a retired teacher, the mother of two daughters, and the grandmother of three children. I co-chair the Sunday school at LCH and am very proud of what we do in our program. In my spare time I teach knitting to children at two local schools.
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