The Perfect Focal Shelf

Ever since I started getting the room ready at LCH for our Godly Play (GP) curriculum I knew that the display of the story sets was important.  I struggled mightily to find ready-made shelving for most of the room, but I could not find anything out there that could serve as the focal shelf.  Getting the correct feeling for this shelf became an obsession with me. Luckily I have a very understanding pastor who also does woodwork.  He promised me a focal shelf before the blessing of the GP room.  Yesterday he delivered the shelf and it is beautiful!

photo 1The focal shelf is the first thing the children see when they come into the room.  It is directly across from the door and on the top there is a Christ candle, the nativity set, and an image of the Good Shepherd.

photo 2These are the core images used in GP to help the children understand Jesus. The lower shelves have story sets about Jesus and his life on earth.

I couldn’t be happier with the way the room is coming together.  We are able to surround our children with beauty and with exciting stories from our Christian traditions.

About Linda Miller

I am a retired teacher, the mother of two daughters, and the grandmother of three children. I co-chair the Sunday school at LCH and am very proud of what we do in our program. In my spare time I teach knitting to children at two local schools.
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