And We are Off and Running…

Last Sunday we had our first Godly Play (GP) lesson of the new Sunday school year.  It was a roaring success in so many ways!  We had 13 of a possible 17 students in a wonderful circle for the story.  The children were engaged and happy to be there.  The teachers were prepared and comfortable with their areas of responsibility.  Dividing the work among storyteller, doorkeeper, and feast host really helped us feel less overwhelmed and more supported by each other.


children putting together puzzles during artistic response

The story was very simple.  It was an introduction to the Holy Family and an orientation to the GP room and the timing of the Sunday school hour.  The attitude of the children drove the feeling of the lesson.  They were respectful and eager to explore the materials and ideas in the lesson.  Taking time to do the simple things and talk about the stories everybody knows gives them a foundation to learn the harder more complicated lessons.  I am blown away by these children and so thankful LCH supports our work with them.

About Linda Miller

I am a retired teacher, the mother of two daughters, and the grandmother of three children. I co-chair the Sunday school at LCH and am very proud of what we do in our program. In my spare time I teach knitting to children at two local schools.
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