Children’s Sabbath on Sunday

Every year on the third Sunday of October we have a Sunday when we highlight the many talents of the children and youth of LCH.  Next Sunday, October 19, is Children’s Sabbath this year.  The whole group of Sunday school children are preparing an anthem to be sung at both services, young soloists will provide some of the music at the services,  there will be a skit as the sermon, and the children and youth will help as ushers and communion assistants.  We have a lot of talent in this church!

children preparing the music for Children's Sabbath

children preparing the music for Children’s Sabbath

It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes children to make a village into community.  We have an obligation to care for the children in our church. In return the nurture of children makes us into a community.  Come and enjoy the youngest members of the congregation on Sunday.

About Linda Miller

I am a retired teacher, the mother of two daughters, and the grandmother of three children. I co-chair the Sunday school at LCH and am very proud of what we do in our program. In my spare time I teach knitting to children at two local schools.
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